"Cold Calling" Software Talks to your leads for you, It's called "Gold Call

Published: 27th April 2006
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"Cold Calling" has a new way to contact your leads. "Cold Calling" Software Talks to your leads for you, It's called "Gold Calling"

"Cold Calling" is a thing of the past and most people really do hate it so much that they would rather not pick up that phone to place their "cold calls" on a daily bases.

This causes loss of income due to lack of "cold calling" and when the fear sets in, it can cause that person to lose everything he or she has dreamed of.

Lets face the facts 99% of the people that have to do "cold calling" really hate it and that's why 95% of the home base businesses in the United States fail.

From lack of new prospects hearing about their new product or service, "cold calling" is just to hard for most people to do.

There Is A Solution To This Problem

Its called "Gold Calling", a registered traded mark in Canada and the US. This software is so Hi Tech that it knows when it speaks to a live person verses an answering machine.

"Gold Calling" never makes you talk to anyone ever because it calls all your leads for you, this way you only have to speak to the people that call you about your product or service.

The "Gold Calling Software" uses up to 30,000 modems to place these calls, in less than 7 minutes from the time you push the submit button in the software you have just delivered your voice over message to all 30,000 prospects.

"Gold Calling Software" also has a great feature, it will allow that prospect to push a key on their phone and it will ring your phone live with that live prospect that is hot and drooling from the mouth wanting to buy your product or service.

This is truly a software that works and very effective way to do Internet marketing and it can be used in traditional businesses across the nation.

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